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Madhav Pujani

Published on December 2, 2014

PERSEMBAHAN DANCE On my way to resort, I got an eyeful of untamed natures cape, man-made rustic, and modern edifices , a continuous scene of beauty-ugly-clean-dirty-manicured-disarrayed swept past my window. "Such glorious mystic!” I thought to myself. At the resort we were welcomed by a dance performance by a group of men and ladies. It was called Persembahan Dance. I did not know much about the dance. At first, it was very boring but when I heard good background music, my mood got lightened up and I started enjoying it. After being so quizzical, one of the dancers enlightened me about the importance of the dance, saying. “This Persembahan Dance(photograph by Madhav Persembahan dance (a photograph taken from internet) 2