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FROM THE PRESIDENT & CEO “What the New Year brings to you will depend a great deal on what you bring to the New Year.” —Vern McLellan I’s hard o believe ha i’s nearly ime o hang new calendars on he walls and sar wri- ing “2015” insead o “2014.” Tis issue o EmpHire HR Insights conains aricles abou some o he recen research and new innovaions in he HR and sang elds—inor- maion ha can help your company devise a sraegy or success in he upcoming year. In he eaure aricle, “Healh Care Reorm: Are We Tere Ye?” racy Wats and Beh Umland explore some o he measures employers are aking o address new pars o he Afordable Care Ac ha will go ino efec in he near uure. Te ACA requiremens afec companies o all sizes and indusries, so perhaps here’s an idea or wo in here ha migh be useul or your own organizaion. Or maybe you could pick up a ew ips on how o ideniy and land op alen. Make sure you’re always searching or your nex employees, wries Sephanie Reyes in “Te Case or Coninuous Recruimen.” And when you bring in candidaes or inerviews, don’ wase heir ime (and yours). Insead, wries Don Charlon in “Creaive Makeovers or he 3 Mos Predicable Inerview Quesions,” skip “ell me abou yoursel” and oher bland openers and op or quesions ha acually reveal somehing abou a candidae’s characer and how he or she migh  in a your organizaion. As you work on your company’s plans or he upcoming year, eel ree o call on us or advice. A EmpHire we know how imporan appropriae sang is or any organizaion, and we can help you make sure you have he righ people in he righ places so ha your 2015 is an even bigger success han your 2014! Vaughn D. Serzbach Presiden/CEO Vaughn D. Stertzbach NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2014 2