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FROM THE OWNERS “Wh h Nw Y bigs o you wi dpd  g d o wh you big o h Nw Y.” —Vern McLellan Welcome to the latest edition of Te Hire Firm HR Insights! W’ hid o big you idusy ws you  us igh ow d i you pig o h omig y. T u y my b dwig o  os, bu you busiss os o—d you diy w o b dy o whv oms you wy. T u i, “Hh C Rom: A W T Y?” xmis som ompis’ ps o goiig h uu hgs o hh  bsd o mds o h Aodb C A. y Wts d Bh Umd dsib how h w ACA poiis  pompig ompis o ds hi umbs o igib woks, impm wss pogms, d k oh msus o ddss dmiisiv oss d w xs ssoid wih som o hos poiis. Tis issu so ois is o  umb o oh issus o is o HR d sfg ms. Fidig—d kpig!—op  is  pi o o mos ompis. I “T Cs o Coiuous Ruim,” Sphi Rys highighs som o h giv osqus o hvig ud posiios d suggss wys o mii dsid sfg vs. Ad i “How o Fos Empoy Hppiss o Bt Sok Pom,” Chs Coy dis how “ompis wih hppy mpoys hv high sok us h h mk vg” d os ommdios o isig mpoy sisio i y ogizio. As you d hough h pgs o his issu o Te Hire Firm HR Insights , k o o y ids h migh wok o you ogizio. S somhig h h siks you y? ookig o v mo suggsios o mgig you HR d sfg ds? Whh you dy hv  p o  sig o buid o om sh, w  hp. Co h Hi Fim ody, d ’s k bou wh you ompy ds o sud i 2015 d byod! Siy, Sis . Pso & Cos . Duo NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2014 2