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 Contents Page Analysis This is the contents of a “VIBE” magazine featuring the world-class rapper, fashion designer and as he likes to state a “creative genius”, Kanye West. This is a medium close up shot of Kanye, capturing the smart clothing that he is wearing; he is connecting with the audience with a direct mode of address. He is also giving a very serious facial expression, supporting this look with his body language. His hands are placed in his jacket pockets, which is stereotypically an aggressive stance. There is an arm reaching over Kanye’s right shoulder holding a small heart that is not made too evident as only some of it is shown. Just over the top of Kanye’s right shoulder there is a short description about what Kanye is wearing, which shows that this magazine is also fashion-orientated as well as a music magazine that broadens the audience. The layout of this contents page follows the more traditional route, listing the feature articles on the right hand side with the image to the left. There are 2 major headings that state “Features” and “Fashion” with some minor headings also. The small blocks are numbered in bold and the text underneath is small; the body text is very small to draw attention towards the image, which is am effective technique. The writing is contents of the magazine in small descriptions that have the intention to draw in the reader and make them want to buy the magazine to read this article. The grey-scale colour scheme is very simple yet effective using only black, grey and white, including the small amount of red in the heart, which has a big effect. The dull colours allow this to really stand out, making it the main focal point. The title style is continuously used through the contents pages of Vibe magazines therefor readers become familiar with the magazines contents. The title is very large and has a very bold, thick font, which stands off the page. I can connote that the heart is held by what looks like a women’s arm, which could connote to having a women in control of his heart. The fact that only a small amount of it is shown could lead the viewers to believe that it is signifying his personality he is known for having a very dry personality and also aggressive. The use of red is key as it is symbolic to love. The black and white contrasts to the use of red as the black and white acts as a scaffold to the red, giving it a platform to perform from allowing the red to stand out as it is a vivid colour on very dull colours. Kanye’s jacket and shirt look very expensive, making him look smart, sophisticated and stylish which tells you something about his personality indirectly. I think that the large letter “V” is used in the background to brand the magazine even though its not on the cover. “Contents” is written on 3 lines, creating a relaxed discombobulated look, with a cool looking outcome, vibe often does this to create a more contemporary feel. They used a variety of different, classy looking fonts to create a well-organized tidy appearance; the words “Features” and “Fashion” are particularly sophisticated. This contents page is overall a very effective page with effective simplicity with many implied meanings that draw in the reader.

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