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This is the contents page of SBC Surf magazine. This contents page features some of the standard codes and conventions that magazines usually apply to these pages in terms of layout. The over all layout of this magazine contents page is different to others, not following the traditional approach. This particular contents page has a very professional yet cool approach, using an effective image high-resolution action shot of a surfboarder at the top of the page taking up half of the page. The bottom half of the page is consumed by the title and feature articles list. The title that has been used is placed on two lines, stating “department contents”. The font that has been used for the title flows very nicely, connoting towards the flow of a surfer riding a wave. This particular font is very elegant looking but with a contemporary twist, as it looks quite energetic at the same time; this font contrasts with the image perfectly. Bellow the title is two sections of numbered text with the main features, which the magazine will include inside. The numbers are in yellow while the other text is in white and grey, this is done to ensure that the numbers are the main focal points as they are what is intended to be seen first. There are small headings that state what this particular page will include/feature such as, “taking off” and “mixed lines” which are the titles of the subjects. After some of these headings there is sub-headings with a small description that supports the title. The body text is all in capital letters, which means that even though the text is small it is speaking large volumes as it is boldly getting its point across. In the top left-hand corner of the page there is a small amount of text which says “spring 2008” which is the time of which the photo was taken which holds memories. In the bottom left there is the page number which allows the audience to know exactly where they are in the magazine providing easy navigation. Through the centre of the list of contents is a white, thin line, which not only disjoins the features it does it neatly and tidily creating a professional, crisp edge to the page. The colour scheme involves the uses largely of Contents Page Analysis

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