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Part 2


Published on December 1, 2014

Lesson Plan Links  6471900.html?cat=4    This site has five different credited links that take you to five websites that have lesson plans for teachers. Here are the five and how they would contribute to the classroom: 1.) The first website is called Lesson Planet ( ). This website does have a monthly fee of $4.99 or an annual fee of $59.88. You can try it out for free for only ten days. This site has over 400,000 teacher reviewed lesson plans and worksheets. With this being said, $59.88 a year does not seem bad at all. You can search a lesson topic you want, pick the grade and reading level, and then choose from many, many lessons. I think this would be a great tool for teachers to invest in because it’s such a reasonable resource that you could use for any kind of subject matter. 2.) The second website is called The Lessons Plan Page ( ) This page is free to the public with a spot on the website for teachers to submit their own lesson plans to keep the website open. This website has about 4,000 lesson plans and a lot more ads that a viewer would have to maneuver through unlike that first website. This would be a useful website for teachers to use because it is easily organized that would not confuse the viewer, has great and thorough lessons, and have other resources like motivating tips for students and parents that would be great for any educator to have. 3.) The third website on the list is called Education World ( ) This site is free also but again, has a ton of ads you will have to divert through to find what you are looking for. This site includes more than just lesson plans, but includes how to incorporate technology into your lessons and has a section about teaching related concerns a teacher may have. What would be great for a teacher to use and help in their own classroom would be the “Top Ten Lesson Plans” section it includes with a list of many subject areas that would work for elementary teachers and secondary. 4.) S.C.O.R.E. Language Arts Cyberguides is the next site listed, but you can’t get into the page without a username and password from the state of California. 5.) The last webpage is called Awesome Library ( ) This site is also free! It is first laid out in the different subject areas a teacher could click on. Once you do this it will take you to various resources based on what subject or lesson plan topic you chose. It’s really easy to follow and claims to have over 37,000 resources you could use. Teachers would find this helpful I’m sure not only because it’s free, but because of how easy it is to use and follow