2015 England Wales Itinerary

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Our music and literary tour of England and Wales combines many great experiences including our tour of Downton Abbey, famous from the TV series, which we booked nearly 2 years before our arrival, so popular are their tours. Wha else? Concer a Royal Alber Hall (or similar), a Wesend show, he Globe Teare, our privae concer wih a Welsh Men’s Choir in Adelina Pai’s own opera house, cue Welsh villages and magnifcen counryside, Buckingham Palace and Chasworh, Bah, Cheser, he Lake Disric, Pormeirion and Sunligh. Our lierary experiences: Jane Ausen’s Museum, Bearix Poer’s house, he Brone Sisers’ parsonage, privae poery reading a Wordsworh’s Coage, and a Shakespearean play in Sratord on Avon. A veriable eas o sunning musical, culural, hisorical and lierary experiences!

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