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WALTER SCOTT ASKS... ROB LOWE Rob Lowe, 50, isn’t just the ham we love from Parks and Recreation —he’s using his celebrity to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s disease and long-term care planning via Genworth Financial’s #LetsTalkTour. Why is Alzheimer’s such an important issue for you? Do you have a personal connection? I don’t, but our best friend, Maria Shriver, does; her father, Sergeant Shriver, suffered from it. If you gure 10,000 people a day in the United States turn 65, it is a big deal. There has been talk about you running for political ofce. Is that a possibility? Unfortunately, it’s a terrible climate to run for anything, because it is more than ever about what we disagree with than what we agree with. That said, I am still a believer in trying to affect change in what I believe in, as should everybody. Your Direct TV commercials, with “painfully awkward” and “super-creepy” versions of yourself, show you have a great sense of humor about your looks. “Anything for a laugh” is my motto. How are you and Sheryl dealing with being empty nest- ers? The second was easier than the rst. The rst one was really hard. I’m ex- cited that they are both at such great academic institu- tions [son Mat- thew, 21, is at Duke University, and John Owen, 19, is at Stan- ford], and surrounded by the best and the brightest. I didn’t get to go to college; I was work- ing. So I am living vicariously through them. WALTER SCOTT’S Q: What is the signi- cance of the name of the new Monty Python DVD, Monty Python: Live (mostly)—One Down Five to Go ? — Gemma J., Hartford, Conn. A: The title pays homage to the British comedy troupe’s late member Gra- ham Chapman, who died of cancer in 1989 at 48. Python Eric Idle, 71, who directed the reunion show, which included bits the act had never performed live, says, “We started with Graham on the screen and we ended with Graham singing ‘Christmas in Heaven’ [a Python song from their 1983 movie The Meaning of Life ]. I wanted his presence to be throughout.” 2 | NOVEMBER 23, 2014 HUNGRY Philip Seymour Hoffman returns to the role of Plutarch Heavensbee—despite his death in February. The director salvaged Hoffman’s role through creative editing of foot- age already lmed. Julianne Moore took on the part of President Alma Coin at the behest of her two children, who are fans of the books. 5 Facts About The Hunger Games: Mockingjay—Part I FOR MORE HOW MUCH IS ANDREWDICE CLAY LIKE THE TOUGH GUY WE SEE ONSTAGE? — Darrell B., Atlantic City A: A bit, but not a lot. In Clay’s new autobiogra- phy, The Filthy Truth , the 57-year-old comic reveals never-before-shared sto- ries from his career and his personal life. “I like to say if I did one-tenth of the things Dice says onstage, I’d be looking at 25-years- to-life in prison. At home, I’m a regular, low-key family man with two sons, a wife and a dog. But when I put on the leather, you better watch out!” Grammy winner Lorde sings the rst single, “Yellow Flicker Beat,” from the movie’s soundtrack album. The lm shot in Atlanta , Paris , and Berlin . The big battle scenes were lmed in Paris and at the Berlin Tempelhof Airport. Mockingjay , the third novel in The Hunger Games trilogy, writ- ten by Suzanne Col- lins , has sold more than 65 million cop- ies in the U.S. alone. EMAIL YOUR QUESTIONS FOR WALTER SCOTT TO PERSONALITY@PARADE.COM. LOWE BY PAUL ARCHULETA/FILMMAGIC/GETTY IMAGES; LAWRENCE BY MURRAY CLOSE/LIONSGATE © PARADE Publications 2014. All rights reserved