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2 | DECEMBER 14, 2014 WALTER SCOTT ASKS... Email your questions for Walter Scott to personality @parade.com WALTER SCOTT’S HEIGL BY NINO MUNOZ/NBC; DOUGLAS BY CHELSEA LAUREN/WIREIMAGE/GETTY IMAGES; WYLE BY JUANJO MARTIN/EFE/ZUMAPRESS; FGL BY JEREMYCO WART/SWEETTALK PUBLICITY KIRK DOUGLAS The veteran, Oscar-winning actor spoke to Parade contributing editor Dotson Rader about celebrating two important milestones this month: the publication of Life Could Be Verse , his 11th book, and his 98th birthday on Dec. 9. Why did you publish Life Could Be Verse ? “I wrote these poems at different times throughout my life, and I wanted to see what all the poems together said about my life. It’s a small book, lled with pictures, but it probably tells you more about me than you want to know!” Did you have a specic reader in mind? “I wrote it for my grandchildren, and as a love letter to my wife. We’ve been married for 60 years.” You’ve lived through a lot of good and bad times. When you had your stroke in 1996, you considered suicide. “Humor saved me. A stroke, especially for an actor, is a terrible thing, because if you can’t speak, you can’t act. At rst, I thought my life was at an end. But when I put the gun in my mouth, it hit a tooth. Ow! That struck me funny. A toothache was stopping me from committing suicide? And it made me stop. There are even jokes about it: What can an actor do who can’t talk? He waits for the silent pictures to come back!” When you reect on your life, what is the most important lesson you’ve learned? “Help other people. [Wife] Anne and I feel like you have to help, even if you don’t have enough yourself. That’s what being a human being means.” Read PARADE ’s full interview with Kirk Douglas at Parade.com/douglas Q: What’s next for my favorite country act, Florida Georgia Line? —Danny D., Biloxi, Miss. A: The hot country team of Brian Kelley, 29, and Tyler Hubbard, 27, is following up their Vocal Duo of the Year win at November’s Country Music Awards with a tour beginning in January for their recent No. 1 album, Anything Goes , with its newest single, “Sun Daze.” But rst, they’ll be front and center as hosts of the inaugural live broadcast of the American Country Countdown Awards from Nashville on FOX Monday night, Dec. 15. He’s back in the swash- buckling role of Flynn Carsen in The Librarians , airing now on TNT. 5 Fun Facts About NOAH WYLE A: The former Grey’s Anatomy star, 36, says she does have a sense of pride from having been born in the nation’s capital, and she loves her hometown. But Heigl also found the idea of playing a CIA analyst especially intriguing. “The opportunity to show this side of the CIA was really compelling, as is playing such an intelligent woman who is a real patriot, who really believes that she can make a difference, help protect her country and help her president do her job,” she says. Wyle, 43, knows what he’s doing with a sword. He learned how to wield an épée while attending the Thacher School in Ojai, Calif. He spent his paycheck from the pilot for ER taking a trip to Europe with George Clooney and Eriq La Salle. When they returned, he had to borrow rent money from Clooney. When Wyle started his career, he told his agent “no television” —he only wanted to do lms and theater. In the past 25 years, however, he went on to star in ER , Falling Skies and TNT’s Librarian series. Wyle’s least favorite scene on ER was mouth-to-mouth resuscitation of a dog . Because of his Biblical namesake, he collects knickknacks of Noah’s Ark . Q Did the fact that Katherine Heigl was born in Washington, D.C., have anything to do with her interest in coming back to TV in State of Affairs ? —Jackie P., Miami  © PARADE Publications 2014. All rights reserved