Marine Mold Mildew Removal + Prevention w/ Endurance BioBarrier

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Are you spending too much time and money dealing with re-occurring mold, mildew or musty odors in your yacht or power boat? Avoid the cost and hassle of frequent cleaning by using Endurance BioBarrier's Mold Prevention Spray. Works on all interior and exterior surfaces, including fabric. Protects through HUNDREDS of wet-dry cycles. Guaranteed for 6 months on high traffic surfaces like bathrooms, carpets and teak decks, 2 years on other exposed surfaces like fiberglass walls, sails, cushions and upholstery, and 25 years in enclosed areas like lockers. Plus it's certified non-toxic and non-corrosive with no harmful fumes. It's active ingredients are a proprietary blend of biocides and fungicides that are EPA registered to inhibit mold, mildew and germs within 48 hours. Stop using bleach. Years ago the EPA and OSHA stopped recommending bleach for mold remediation. Not only is it harmful to people, surfaces and the environment, but studies have shown that bleach does not kill mold roots on porous surfaces like grout, wood, drywall, etc. That's why mold soon regrows when using a bleach-based solution. Furthermore, since bleach can discolor fabrics, it should not be used on moldy or musty carpets, upholstery, canvas, lines, etc. The brochure contains the following quotes from testimonials received from a yacht owner and a marine cleaning products supplier. “We lightly sprayed every inch of our yacht including the seat cushions and anchor locker. Fast forward almost five years. There is still no odor of any kind and we took several multi-month trips away from the boat in all kinds of heat and moisture. When we arrived back at the boat and opened the hatch, nothing. No mold, no smells, nothing. We have not refreshed any part except for the anchor locker as it gets a lot of use. The product has worked better than we could have imagined.” Marcie C., First Mate S/V Nine of Cups “Our teak decking client tested the product on a yacht that had been experiencing a reoccurrence of mold every 10-15 days. After 3 months, still no mold! They are so impressed that they want to take the product into their teak care line.” John, Boat Brite Group For mold removal and prevention tips, info on mold health issues, product info and more testimonials, visit

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