Be Safe(Edited)

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Introduction Hi, thank you for downloading this guide for safety awareness in young children, by downloading this document you have taken the first step towards ensuring the safety and wellbeing of your child. It is a known fact that accidental injuries are a leading cause of death , disability, ill health and admission to hospital for children. Many professionals concerned with safety and specifically child safety believe that greater community awareness (education, information and the right equipment) could prevent many of these injuries. This guide will help you develop an awareness and understanding in keeping your child safe, minimising accidents and preventing injuries. Following feedback from child behaviour and learning specialists, this guide has been broken down into week segments, this is to help develop awareness and ensure that the information you teach your child is restored and retained. The aim of this book is to involve you and other family members in your child’s learning. There are five different activities for you to do with your child and there is supporting information and guidelines to help you do this. The general idea is to work through the book changing your topic/activity every week. This will allow you and your child to keep up with and share what has been done and discussed. To reinforce the importance of safety training, it is recommended that you introduce your child to the local emergency services such as arranging a visit to a local rescue 1122 station or perhaps showing them what an ambulance looks like. Once again, thank you and be safe... Asfandeyar Niazi 2 ©Asfandeyar Niazi @W4RD3NPK