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Young and musically inclined ever since i was a little kid i loved djs. I wanted to be one so bad but all the gear was so expensive and money was defenitly tight. although that didnt stop me from starting. 200 dollars worth of equipment is what you see here except for the mac. Then in the picture that im wearing a red hat i was in my ''how do you work this thing stage'' although i was just clicking buttons at the moment. I felt so alive knowing I was one step closer to something i wanted. But still extremly far. Sometime has passed and after long videos on youtube. and other restless days figuring things i started walking into this chapter of my life called "the light" i call it this because i feel like i was stuck in the darkness of the learning curve but i started to see light meaning i was making lots of progress. Which brings me to my next chapter of my life "lets party" this chapter i already had mastered how to use my system and i had many ideas for many mixes but the thing is that since my setup was for beginners i was way too limited. So i started DJing parties for money. after a while came this. I bought me a real Dj set up costed me about 3k the possibilities were endless with this set up. This next chapter is called "keep the parties coming" When i got i stayed djing parties a lot of more people were calling me every every weekend word was getting that i was the dj to call in my school.Couple months later i found out the way to make it in the music business as a dj is to be a producer i so i went and bought a producing set up. it is very tough to produce music. this chapter of my life is called the "back into the darkness" i call the learning curve the darkness because its frustrating when you cant figure something out and you want to quit. But you cant. so for now im producing and i will go to music production school when i get out of higschool. For now ill keep Djing at home to