Discover the Basque Country

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                This sample itinerary is an example of what we can offer over a ten-day period in September, to provide a broad and deep introduction to Basque culture, history and gastronomy. Its elements can be customized to suit your needs, tastes, budget and timetable. Shorter tours are equally feasible, but this itinerary gives you the full range of options currently available. However, if there are particular event/s and/or location/s not mentioned here that interest you, we could certainly consider accommodating them. Should you desire more ‘free’ time, we can of course factor that in to the itinerary, and will where applicable reduce prices accordingly. Likewise, if you wanted to change the time of year for your visit, some of the events – the fiesta at Hondarribia for example – would obviously not be taking place; but we would undertake to find equally interesting substitutes. We should also point out that we cannot guarantee the availability of any of the individuals mentioned, and whom we have worked with on previous tours – Bernardo Atxaga, for instance – until we have a firm booking. Again, however, where mentioned individuals turn out not to be available, we will seek appropriate alternatives. These face-to-face encounters with leading Basque cultural figures give our tours a very special ‘access’ quality. Finally, we recommend that you organize Skype lectures and discussions Paddy Woodworth and Jon Warren for your members prior to your arrival, so that your members will be well informed about all aspects of the tour in advance. We have found that these discussions, plus an advance reading of Paddy’s book, greatly add to the interest and pleasure our guests find on the tours. DISCOVER THE BASQUE COUNTRY WITH PADDY WOODWORTH & SAN SEBASTIAN FOOD sam le ten-da itinerar 2015

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