What's on at TBC 2014

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2 You’ve probably picked up this booklet because you want to check the time of our Sunday gatherings, nd a club for your kids or a small group for yourself. And yes, all that stu is in here. But strange though it might sound, this booklet is actually an invitation to transform your life – to be thrillingly changed by an encounter with Jesus. Many of us at TBC used to think that God didn’t exist or didn’t matter. But we heard the story of God’s action in history (the Bible) and saw the spirit of Jesus alive in others today. We saw broken lives restored and people awakened to all that they can be. We recognised a radically dierent Jesus: a friend with outrageous love and generosity. You can see why we can’t keep this good news to ourselves – even in a ‘what’s on’ listing! We’re far from perfect. We mess up. But join us, and your own talents and experience can help make us be more than we are – more open, more generous, more eective. This booklet outlines the many things happening at TBC during 2014. If you’re new and want to try out activities for the rst time, you’ll nd information to get started. If you’ve been sampling one part of TBC for a while, you’ll discover how to go deeper, wider and higher. So, a booklet of nice activities for nice people? Or an open door to a life made astounding by a generous Jesus? You decide. WELCOME TO TBC

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