CAP EDGE WEEKLY 17th october

October 29, 2014  |  By  | 

The weekly chart also indicating the support zone has now been tested. Setting buy zones is important to have clarity with your investment decisions and now the market is testing these zones the plan is to start re-deploying some capital into the market. While the charts do indicate the initial support zone, they haven’t ‘confirmed’ a turn higher. Waiting for a higher swing bottom would give more certainty of a trend change and something the more conservative investors might wait for. This being said, it’s important to also understand the fundamentals behind the market and why not to lose faith. People buy shares because they want to get a return higher than the cash rate or money they have in the bank. They take on risk to get a higher return and are essentially buying into the future of that company. It is similar with investing in property, where people look to get a return on their capital higher than the risk free rate. So why shares over property? Well the hit reality TV Show

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