MBA Newsletter October 2014

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2 The School of Business has recently added a husband and wife team to its staff. Drs. Timothy and Marsha Keune have joined UD after teaching a number of years at the Uni- versity of South Carolina. Drs. Keune earned their Ph.D. in Critical Thinking: What the Fuss is All About According to an article published by the Wall Street Journal, “mentions of critical thinking in job postings have doubled since 2009.” So, what do employers mean when they say they want someone with critical thinking skills? Of course, we could give you the dictionary defi- nition, but that’s not the answer. Critical think- ing is like that gray area where the ability to think outside the box comes in to play. We asked Dr. Castelleno to enlighten us on this topic and share his thoughts. Not sur- prised by the fact that critical thinking is now on the radar screen of firms, Dr. Castellano referred us to Stephen Brookfield’s model of critical thinking, which is composed of four elements:  Ability to hunt for and identify the as- sumptions that influence the way we think and act.  Once assumptions are identified, demon- strate the ability to validate those as- sumptions.  Ability to see things from different view- points (examining our assumptions and beliefs from different points of view).  Ability to incorporate the above three steps into taking some informed action (action supported by evidence that we find convincing). You may be wondering, how do I convey all of this to a future employer on my resume or during an interview? Although difficult to communicate without losing authenticity, Dr. Castellano suggests that you highlight any situations in which you worked on an important problem solving project in a team environment. You not only want to point out that you helped the team identify the key assumptions underlying the pro- posed solutions, but also that you asked important questions regarding the validity of those proposed solutions and that you were careful to acknowledge and under- stand differing viewpoints. Click this link to read the full WSJ article. You’ll always be a part of our success... are certain that they will find their experience at UD sec- ond to none, we extend our best wishes to both. On a fun note, Dr. Timothy Keune told The MBA Reporter that his goal is to see a game at every Major League Baseball stadium. So far, he and his wife have been to 20 of the 30 stadiums! Who said ac- countants didn’t know how to have fun? Welcoming New Professors to the School of Business! Accounting in 2010 from the University of Wisconsin. Prior to their journey towards a Ph.D., both gained extensive experience in both public and private accounting. Although they currently do not teach any MBA courses, they are both a valuable “fountain of knowledge” as well as an in- spiration to our MBA stu- dents. On behalf of the MBA students, we welcome Drs. Keune to UD! Although we

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