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Page 2 Separate Type Material for the Future The development of powder metallur- gy has created new applicaons for rare metals. Nippon Tungsten has been developing new materials that has engendered new applicaons. One of our main products that has evolved is our NT Rotary Die Cuer. This type of cuer is made of cement- ed carbide using our powder metallur- gy process. Through out this process we are able to combine the toughness of a metal with the wear resistance of ceramic. NT Rotary Die Cuer has been used to contour and emboss nonwoven fabric, composite lm and metallic foil. Tungsten Ceramics Cobalt / Copper Powder Metallurgy - High purity powders are mixed and the powder is compacted into a solid piece. The piece is red at a high temperatures in order to increase its density. The red piece is shaped into the nal product with a grindstone. The product is shipped aer passing strict inspecons to sasfy customer’s requirements. Nippon Tungsten Types of Cuers Die Cutter Anvil Segment Type Carbide Segment Carbide Ring Sleeve Type Carbide sleeve

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