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Indigenous Poetry Kath Walker (Oodgeroo Noonucal) By Charlie Young CONTENTS Pg. 1 What is Protest Poetry and Style of Poet Pg. 2 Indigenous History During 1960s Pg. 3 Biography Kath Walker Pg. 4 Analysis WE ARE GOING Pg. 5 Analysis NO MORE BOOMERANG Pg. 6 It ’ s Time By Charlie Young What is Protest Poetry Protest Poetry is wrien to draw aenon to a specic problem or idea in which the world is facing at that current me which the poet believes is Unfair, Unjust or just should change for the beer of everyone. This type of poetry oen focuses on the problems in the government or mistreats of certain races or certain beliefs in society. The most suc- cessful protest poetry is usually structured like any poem with the dierent type of techniques such as rhythm, rhyme, Use of Imagery, Metaphors etc. The poet also needs to have a strong understanding of what they want to express and how they want to express it. The main goal for protest poets is to change or inuence the readers view on that topic. It is what they use to express there feeling about this type of problem and tries to show the reader why this is such a big problem and why it should change for the beer. Overall that is what protest poetry is all about. Kath Walkers Style Of Poetry Kath Walker doesn't exactly have style where she follows each poem she writes for example “ No More Boomerang ” was a completely dierent style to “ We are Going. ” Although Kath doesn't have an exact type of category in poem wring that she would fall under, I believe she always enjoys expressing her feeling about what an impact the Europeans have had on the indigenous Australians from the rst day they landed on Aus- tralian soil. Kath also likes to use themes such as Change, Power and Fairness. I nd Kath expressing change to the read- er and explaining and showing how much they had to change when Europe- ans came and how hard it would be for them. Power is also another theme that Kath uses, in her poetry Kath Walker oen refers to how much power the Eu- ropeans had over the indigenous Aus- tralians which is why they eected there culture so greatly. The last theme is fair- ness Without Kath actually showing fair- ness, the reader should ask themselves is it fare that this is happening. Lastly Kath uses all kinds of techniques such as repeon, hyperbole, personicaon, ambiguity and she also likes to set the mood at the beginning of her poem. Kath Walkers style of poetry is obviously very eecve as she is able to tell and explain to the reader why the indige- nous Australians were so eected.

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