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Bouhayrat Company Profile 2014 COMPANY INTRODUCTION Bouhayrat was established in 1976 by Mr. Ramzi J. Saab . Since its inception, Bouhayrat has grown to be the one of the leading companies in the field of outdoor facilities for homeowners as well as commercials clients. Bouhayrat ’s advantage over its competitors is quite clear. It encompasses a wide array of activities as well as a product mix of quality materials and equipment. Today, Bouhayrat ’s activities include swimming pool, spas, landscaping, tennis courts, squash courts, recreational playgrounds, fountains and waterfalls. In addition, it provides maintenance for all the above. Because of Bouhayrat ’s strong relationship with international manufacturers, it also acts as a distributor at a retail and wholesale level. Our showrooms and offices are designed for customer of all walks of life. A single homeowner could practically purchase a sauna or Jacuzzi from our showroom and have it delivered and installed within twenty-four hours. Similarly, a large commercial client could sit with a group of qualified engineers and discuss various avenues and options available for his project. Additionally, Bouhayrat caters to its industry by acting as a distributor for his local competitors. Its purchasing power has allowed Bouhayrat to obtain prices beyond the competition. Bouhayrat serves as a retailer, wholesaler, distributor and end user to its variety of products. Today, Bouhayrat execute projects of all sizes. Our clients include some of the most prestigious in the kingdom. From the royal family to the government, from the hotels, to health clubs and from consultants to contractors, Bouhayrat has the capacity to cater all of the above. The advantage of Bouhayrat is in its work force. Our employees come from all nationalities with one goal in mind-our commitment to excellence and service. Bouhayrat departmentalized into departments that are autonomous yet synergetic. At Bouhayrat , we believe in teamwork. When contract is awarded to us, our sales and marketing, technical engineering and accounting department coordinate the necessary steps for a smooth execution. Our attention to detail is second to none! Our reputation speaks for itself! Bouhayrat Company Profile 2014