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Published on December 2, 2014

L ast week, several members o the Mus- lim Jewish Forum o Greater Manchester and other members o the Mus- lim and Jewish communities in Manchester took part in a worldwide twinning event in which local Mosques were twinned with local Syna- gogues. This was organised internationally by the Foun- dation or Ethnic Under- standing. In Manchester this twin- ning took place between Manchester Reorm Syna- gogue on Jacksons Row in Central Manchester and Manchester Central Mosque in Victoria Park and was or- ganised by Forum Executive member, Cllr Rabnawaz Ak- bar together with Rabbi Re- uven Silverman. Jonny Wineberg, Forum Co-Chair, Rabbi Silverman, Louis Rapaport and Dr Mi- chael Taylor attended Friday prayers at the Manchester Central Mosque in Victoria Park. During his Friday ser- mon Imam Asim Hussain spoke about the true mean- ing o Jihad and that the real struggle in lie is going out to work and helping your am- ily. The ollowing day Cllr Rabnawaz Akbar, Imam Abdul Malik and Qadir Ah- mad joined other Forum Ex- ecutive members Heather Fletcher and Jackie Harri- son at the Shabbat morning service held at Manchester Reorm Synagogue. Rabbi Silverman gave an inspiring speech about his recent visit with other aith leaders to the EU Parliament and also spoke about the dangers o anti-Semitism and Islamo- phobia and the commonali- ties between the two aiths. Heather Fletcher stated “It was a wonderul initia- tive made possible by Cllr Akbar and Rabbi Silver- man. The Jewish congre- Asian LEADER 3 December - 16 December 2014 02 (From left to right) Cllr Rabnawaz Akbar, Louis Rapaport, Michael Taylor, Imam Asim Hussain, Tahir Naeem , Jonny Wineberg, Rabbi Reuven Silverman R ochdale Bor- ough Council has launched a new scheme to help address the housing shortage during na- tional Empty Homes Week (1-5 December). The council has already brought 776 properties back into use in the last three years, reducing the number o long term empty proper- ties rom 1,819 to 1,043. And now they’re hoping that their new empty home loans will help the 3,000 peo- ple in the borough who are on the housing waiting list get a home. Previously under the scheme owners o empty houses have had the option to rent their property to a housing association, who then carry out any necessary repairs and reurbishments and fnd a tenant. The hous- ing association then recov- ers the cost o reurbish- ment and management ees rom the rental income and at the end o the lease pe- riod they hand the property back to the owner. Now, in addition to this option, property owners who think they could beneft rom the scheme but would like stay in ull control o any work can apply or a loan o up to £15,000 to reurbish the property themselves. Councillor Jacqui Bes- wick, Cabinet Member or Housing at Rochdale Bor- ough Council, said: “Every month our council ofcers have to go out and spend time boarding up the win- dows o empty properties which have been vandalised and this is something people living in that community shouldn’t have to put up with. Just as importantly, there is a chronic shortage o housing in this country. By making it easier or hom- eowners to bring their emp- ty properties back into use, we can tackle these issues and improve the quality o lie or our residents.” Anyone who owns a prop- erty which has been empty or a year or more can apply or the loans, which need to be paid back within three years. The frst year is interest ree, with interest rates or the second two years aver- aging around 3.75 per cent. Loan applicants need to contribute 20 per cent o the loan value themselves and their property must be oc- cupied 12 months ater the loan has been granted. The council will inspect the property to draw up a list o essential repairs which need to be completed as part o the loan agree- ment and will also suggest desirable works. Anyone who would like to know more about the scheme can email empty. or phone 0300 303 8874. Rochdale Council unveils innovative new policy to tackle homes shortage gants made our Muslim riends eel very welcome at the service. This twinning event is very important as it shows an even greater willingness to work together and it must be re- peated next year.” Rabbi Silverman said “In my Shabbat address to the congregation I reerred to the warm welcome we received rom several o the two thousand worship- pers at the Manchester Central Mosque, and to the sermon by Imam Asim Hus- sain, a dynamic leader who completely dissociated himsel and his people rom Islamist extremism, and rejected any suggestion that so-called Islamic State was involved in a holy war. Combating anti-Semitism and Islamophobia as a joint project is stronger than conronting them sepa- rately.” Local mosque twinned with synagogue Keep warm stay safe this winter…. Electric Blanket Testing Faulty Electric blankets cause thousands o fres each year across Britain. Blankets more than ten years old present the greatest danger, but even i an electric blanket is much newer it should still be checked regularly. Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service are oering ree electric blanket testing On December 8th 2014 electric blankets can be brought to the fre station on Haliax Rd Hamer Rochdale between 10am – 2pm, all blankets will be tested or ree by a qualifed electrician. Community saety advisors will also be available on the day to oer a variety o advice on fre saety, along with other agencies oering advice or older people. Tea coee and mince pies will be served ree throughout the day.