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2 As we travel on the bus at the road, the view at two side of the road was changing, grassland mountain and river. Thought the road was very nice and stable, the environment around here was very good, I could see some animals and lots of trees. People stay with nature at a very good point. The nature environment was helping for the local tourism. In north Australia, crocodiles were one of nature animals and one of big kind. Because of there were lots of rivers and lakes, there were saltwater and freshwater. So there were saltwater crocodiles and freshwater crocodiles. The crocodiles were lived in the down of the river. We need to have a long way to walk to the up of the river. The biggest difference between them was the saltwater crocodiles were much bigger than the freshwater one. The freshwater crocodiles can’t really hurt people, but saltwater crocodiles were almost 3 meters long. And mouth of the saltwater crocodiles was round, but freshwater one was thin and long.   Another main kind animals are kangaroos and wallabies. At the side of the road, we can always saw some wallabies. They were always around the street. Some of them were wild, some of them were live with human. Though they live with human, but they were not bound. People just give them food and give them a place to sleep. They will go out and nd food themselves. People were kind of protect them, they help kangaroos and wallabies look after very small baby or the baby who lost their parents. So this kind of animals stay with human, they don’t scare people but stay people peaceful. Australian people build tourism by the nature and follow the nature. There was no even road for cars in the forest, but the road for hiking. The parking place was at the foot of the hill. We walked or went boating to the waterfalls. So most water area have the sign with crocodiles. We were very careful with that. For some place we could swim, where was at the up of the river. So for the swimming area would be signed.The path in the forest was very nature; the path was build in wood or sand. It was not used any thing of iron. The path was like a part of the forest. There were not a lot of people there, but the silence was like the part of the forest. People use the nature resources to improve their tourism. They use forest and waterfalls for the scenic spots. Even there was a cinema on the beach. That was how they use natural resources to improve their economic. November 21, 2014 A wallaby in human living place, to ask for food The path build in forest, made of iron.

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