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police document


Published on December 2, 2014

RESTRICTED WHEN COMPLETE A101 (19/05/11v2) RESTRICTED WHEN COMPLETE *as required Notes for Guidance on the completion of the A101 The form should be addressed to a specific individual within an organisation. The Data Protection Act 1998 only allows release of information where both the information is required for one of the purposes listed and failure to disclose the data would be likely to prejudice the matter. This form must not be used where only the purpose is to confirm known facts, for general intelligence, or for administrative reasons. In some instances organisations to whom Form A101 is sent will request a countersignature from a supervising officer/line manager. This should be supplied if requested. Organisations to whom this form is sent are not compelled to make the disclosures requested by Essex Police. Compulsion can only be achieved by court order, though this is very rarely necessary. If you require any further guidance on the use of Form A101 please contact the Data Protection Section. Contact details for East of England Ambulance Service Patient Services Fax: 01234 243083 Email: Telephone: 01234 243320