Andrew Frazier

Andrew Frazier

I develop strategies for my individual and corporate clients that meet their unique needs. I strive to provide investment and risk management consulting services in partnership with the investor, working together to construct the very best strategy for their circumstances.

My clients have a broad array of life experiences: divorce, new marriages, death's, starting a business, selling a business, saving and planning for retirement, entering retirement, saving for college, saving for major purchases, etc.

I utilize many different financial vehicles to accomplish my clients goals: Qualified and Non-Qualified investment accounts, insurance, annuities, alternative investments. Every decision is based upon a financial plan created for each individual client.

My continued success depends on my ability to build strong and long-lasting relationships with my clients. The strong relationships I have with my individual and corporate clients is directly correlated with my ability to deliver high end investment and wealth management services, as well as my dedication to providing top tier client services, education and communications.

Specialties: Investment, Risk and Wealth Management Strategies, Financial Planning