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November 27, 2014  |  By  | Cover image: Marion Siampakou “… in Wildness is the preservation of the world” Henry David Thoreau, Walking T he theme for this edition of Archipelago grew out of discussions on political action outside of the state; the methods chosen by individuals and collectives to transcend the strictures of established political systems. The inspirations for this theme were varied, their actions and rationales dissimilar, and their results sometimes successful, sometimes tragic. Christopher McCandless and Timothy Treadwell, both of whom desired to escape human civilization altogether for the freedom offered by the natural world, are examples of the latter. Sweet Earth , the collection by the photographer Joel Sternfeld, documents the existences of American experimental utopias. The photos posit how this desire for utopia is able to function at the collective, rather than the individual, level. Looking at the theme’s history, we also discussed Epicurus’s Garden and the philosophy of seclusion, as well as Henry David Thoreau’s Walden . Inspiration was also found in the lives of those who have retained their traditions and cultural identities, continuing to act outside of the sovereign’s rule of law, even in the age of neoliberal globalisation; Robyn Davidson’s studies of nomadic peoples being a point of reference. Rather than explicitly stating a theme, the contributors were asked to respond to the above examples. This was to cement an underlying theme throughout Archipelago , yet also to allow the contributors a degree of freedom to explore ideas. This is the second edition of Archipelago , a student-led print and online publication for academic and creative exchange by graduate students of the Politics Department, Goldsmiths, University of London. None of the texts should be reproduced or transmitted without appropriate reference to their author. All images used throughout are the property of their respective owners: individual authors make no claim of ownership in using images. Supported by donors to the Goldsmiths’ Annual Fund ARCHIPELAGO l A

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