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The Extra | October 23, 2014 2 Highway 59 South Erhard, MN 200804 Extends to seat up to 20 people! All Amish bedroom sets 10% to 30% off. In stock or order. 3 The Extra | October 23, 2014 The Oxord English dictionary defnes the word “cooperative” as “a arm or business owned and run jointly by its mem- bers, with profts or benefts shared among them.” The term is urther defned as “involving mutual assistance in working towards a common goal.” It has long been believed that the combined eect o individual eort is greater than the sum o their separate parts. Over the past decade, this synergistic philosophy has spread across the country in the orm o co- operatives o all types. Ten years ago, there were slightly more than 21,000 co-ops in the United States. As o January, 2014, there are now over 30,000. One o the earliest co-ops was established in 1752 by Benjamin Franklin and is in operation to this day – the Philadelphia Contributorship or the In- surance o Homes rom Loss by Fire. The modern era o co-ops was modeled ater organizations that appeared in Europe in the late 18th and 19th centu- ries during the Industrial Revolution. As people moved rom arms into the growing cities, they had to rely on stores to eed their amilies because they could no longer grow their own ood. Working people had very little control over the quality o their ood or living conditions. As a result, early co-ops were set up as a way to protect the interests o the less powerul members o society – workers, consumers, armers, and producers. Although the co-op model was originally designed to protect its mem- bers, today’s co-op is more about helping each other grow and thrive in today’s economy. “Cooperatives are helpul in parts o the economy where there is little competition or where some business question has been let unsolved,” explained Gregory McKee, director o the Quentin Burdick Center or Cooperatives. “Cooperatives are one way to orm a business to solve com- mon problems as a community.” In addition to his duties as director, McKee is also a proessor at North Dakota State University in the Department o Agribusiness and Applied Eco- nomics. McKee’s interest in co-ops started with an awareness and apprecia- tion o credit unions and the way they dier rom commercial banks. That CO-OP MONTH | OCTOBER 2014 When you need a solution, COOPERATIVE MONTH: Innovate Cooperatively Nancy Carriveau and Shea Syverson rom The Hodo meet the newest addition to The Fonders Organic Dairy Farm during Prairie Roots Food Co-op’s Local Food Mystery Tour. By Jamee Larson I you want to be incrementally better, be competitive. I you want to be exponentially better, be cooperative. ~ Arthur Potts Dawson Coop on Page 4