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Sister Dorothy's Dream is Alive

Angie Weisgerber

Published on February 6, 2015

We begin this new year by looking back, just for a moment. It’s to a time 10 years ago when we learned that our Sister Dorothy Stang had been shot and left to die on a muddy road in the middle of the rainforest of Brazil. She was killed by men who wanted to stop her work on behalf of poor farming families. All she wanted — and worked for — was for the people to be able to live independently. To support their families from the land and with their hands. In this issue of Cross Currents you’ll see how Sister Dorothy’s dream has become reality. Together with our Sisters and friends, the struggling families she loved have built small sustainable farms. They have started cottage businesses that support the community. And they have opened schools to educate children and adults — creating solid communities of faith that reflect all that Sister Dorothy lived and died for.