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FAITH IN FOOD “I you care about what you put on your plate, this is a book to savour.” Clare Balding “It’s a beautiul book – wonderully laid out and illustrated, and very engaging. I’m delighted that Fairtrade has been able to participate.” Michael Gidney, CEO o Fairtrade Foundation “Packed with inspiring stories, hard hitting acts and calls to action, this book is both a comprehensive guide to ethical eating and an anthropological expose o global approaches to ood and agriculture. Far rom digestible in one sitting, Faith in Food should take a roll as the most beautiul o reerence books, there to be pulled down when you want a rounded look at GMOs, insight into dietary laws, or simply a powerul and poetic reminder o why our ood choices have moral and ethical impacts.” Sustainable Food Trust, Top Ten Books “...beautiul and ull o ascinating essays... I commend the book to you.” Bill Tammeus, Faith Matters “...challenging – attractive – and succinct... I’ve never realised I could eat my way to a better world.” Sister Sharon Havelak, o the Sisters o St Francis o Sylvania “ extraordinary range o opinion and comment surrounding this issue...the design is very playul as well.” Chris Cooling, photographer LOST VOICES OF CRICKET “To truly understand the modern game it is important to acknowledge what has gone beore. This is an excellent concept to bring the history o the game to lie so that it can be ully appreciated.” Mike Gatting, President o the MCC and ormer England captain “The game o cricket is colourul and characters abound. It is an honour to be part o ensuring the words in this book are around or posterity.” Richie Benaud OBE “A antastic account which comes across brilliantly. My grandather was a true entertainer who put a smile on people’s aces, and represented everything that embodies sport and particularly this great game.” Nick Compton, England batsman and grandson o Denis Compton “A proper treasure trove.” Andy Wilson, The Guardian ”This is a highly readable book in which the author, an accomplished journalist, has committed to paper a series o interviews he conducted with nine notable cricket gures in the early 1990s. A commentary is skilully woven into the text as details o each subject’s lie and thoughts are drawn out.” Douglas Miller, Association o Cricket Statisticians and Historians THE BUENVINO COOKBOOK “The mere mention o Finca Buenvino creates a ripple o happiness and joy among those o us who have already discovered this hidden gem.” Darina Allen, The Irish Examiner “This book is already a success by word o mouth alone... The book looks gorgeous and I’m already drooling at the thought o reconstructing the unique Spanish recipes.” Frances Lynn’s Fave Raves “Immerse yoursel in Spanish sunshine... Jeannie’s cooking comes highly recommended by che Thomasina Miers and our own ood director Sarah Randell.” Sainsbury’s Magazine “Recipe o the Week” The Week, 9 August 2014 ASK FORGIVENESS NOT PERMISSION “This one is diferent: a cracking read and unlike many other books currently available about the war in Aghanistan and its environs – I recommend this book heartily to all.” ARRSE (ARmy Rumour SErvice) “I you're looking or Christmas or birthday present ideas, I strongly recommend you put this book onto your wish list. This true account reads like adventure ction – all you have to do is manipulate someone into buying you this book. You will not regret it.” FAAOA (Fleet Air Arm Ofcers Association) press