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1 Acneements. I would like to take this opportunity to thank a number of people who have offered help and advice throughout the course of this project. Firstly I wish to thank Julien, Martin and Chris of STRUCTeam LTD on the Isle of Wight for their support and allowing use of their in house structural design tools. Also I would like to thank Giles for his assistance in developing the VPP spreadsheet. Abstract. Outlined in the following report is the methods used in the design and develop a C-Class Catamaran to compete in the 2015 C-Class Championships on Lake Geneva Switzerland. Throughout this project reference has been made to previous and current designs, with particular consideration of the advancements seen in the Americas Cup and the Little Americas Cup held in 2013. The report details the development of a performance evaluation tool as well as method used in the design of the foiling platform. Details of the structural design are also outlined in full, with use of specialist composite design tools documented Overall the design has been thought to fulfil the intended brief criteria as it is believed that the work conducted has enabled the development of a competitive C-Class Design

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