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Brock Richard November 24, 2014 EDUC 1300 5:30 PM Career Exploration Project Police Officer The career I am interested in is being a Houston Police Officer. It is kind of hard to describe a Houston Police Officer because there are so many jobs within the Houston Police Department. But the one main job I am interested in is being within the K9 unit. Being in the K9 unit is kind of self-explanatory. You have to have a dog with you at all times. There are also different skills to the dogs the dogs they can give you. There are one-purpose dogs that used for only one purpose, and then there are multipurpose dogs, which can be used for all the purposes that K9s are used for in police departments. I am mainly looking for a career that I know I will have fun doing while I’m doing it. Something to keep me active! I don’t want to have a job where I sit around and do nothing. I want to get out and do stuff to be active while helping the community. There are no skills that you really need to join the Houston Police Department. The only thing you really need is to be able to pass a physical agility test. I do not have and weaknesses when it comes to this career choice, all I have are strengths. I love to be active, I am a great multitasker, and I love dogs. My main long-term goals are to graduate the academy, become a police officer with Houston, and to be able to support my future family.

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