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Extending Microsoft Dynamics ® CRM 2011 0 - 2 Microsoft Dynamics Courseware Contents Test Your Skills Within the Microsoft Dynamics Training Materials you find a variety of different exercises. These exercises are offered in three levels to accommodate the variety of knowledge and expertise of each student. We suggest you try the level three exercises first, if you need help completing the task look to the information in the level two exercises. If you need further assistance each step of the task is outlined in the level one exercise. Challenge Yourself! Level 3 exercises are the most challenging. These exercises are designed for the experienced student who requires little instruction to complete the required task. Need a Little Help? Level 2 exercises are designed to challenge students, while providing some assistance. These exercises do not provide step by step instructions, however, do provide you with helpful hints and more information to complete the exercise. Step by Step Level 1 exercises are geared towards new users who require detailed instructions and explanations to complete the exercise. Level 1 exercises guide you through the task, step by step, including CRMigation. Quick Interaction: Lessons Learned At the end of each chapter within the Microsoft Dynamics Training Material, you find a Quick Interaction: Lessons Learned page. This interaction is designed to provide the student with a moment to reflect on the material they have learned. By outlining three key points from the chapter, the student is maximizing knowledge retention, and providing themselves with an excellent resource for reviewing key points after class. Microsoft Official Training Materials for Microsoft Dynamics ® Your use of this content is subject to your current services agreement