ISCOM 352 Week 3 Team Assignment Riordan Manufacturing Transport

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Learning Team Riordan Manufacturing Transportation Presentation Resource: Riordan Manufacturing Virtual Organization Navigate to the Virtual Organizations website at Read the Riordan Manufacturing company information. Create an 8- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation to be given to the Riordan board of directors. As part of the new business development team, you have been exploring new transportation options for the organization’s supply chain. In your presentation, address the following: Describe Riordan’s current transportation mode, including its advantages and disadvantages. What other modes of transportation must Riordan consider using to decrease transportation costs? Describe other modes of transportation Day 7 10 ISCOM/352 4 and make a recommendation on which ones Riordan should explore further. Should Riordan consider alternatives to a third-party shipper for international orders from their plant in China? What role will government play in this new mode of transportation? How will pricing be determined for this new mode of transportation? What other strategies may Riordan implement to reduce transportation costs? Which strategy will enable Riordan to be successful in a competitive environment? Why? How is technology used in implementing and executing the new mode of transportation? What effect will it have on the organization’s profitability, planning, and operations?

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