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Tessera Piano Tundra GITTPNTU “Improving homes. Improving lives.” Somer Tile Why Us ? Improving homes. Improving lives. Be it a employee, a wholesale partner, an end customer, or simply a member o our community, our company strives to please all o our stakeholders, actively taking the time to improve their lives. It begins at a workplace o respect, honesty and un! We want the day-to-day o our employees to be enjoyable and spent in an environment where they can reach their ull potential. Our team makes every eort to oer each other any cooperation and support needed. We believe that this environment is essential to a thriving workplace where the end goal is unmitigated excellence. The experience moves to our wholesale partners that receive our excellent service & products. We want to improve their workday by simpliying their cus- tomers’ shopping experience and reducing any avoidable complications. We make every eort to become the best and most cooperative vendor or every manager and associate! We’re a very unique company aiming to provide unique products. That’s why our tile leans towards the exotic and individualistic. Through a collaborative product selection process involving several team members, we select the highest quality pieces that will also please the discriminating customer looking or something to set their home apart rom the rest. We do everything we can ensure that customers are able to easily obtain our aordable, luxury grade tile and that they are very satisfed with fnal outcomes. We want people to love their new home improvement project. We also make an eort to reach out to the community: we take any opportunity we can to contribute our scrap resources to non-proft groups and events, and make eorts to reduce our waste, reuse and recycle every product we can. All o these eorts are part o a greater whole. They’re all part o ulflling our company’s mission statement: Improving homes. Improving lives.