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Washington Redskins coach Jay Gruden told reporters on Monday the team's "intent" was to start Robert Griffin III on Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts . Gruden made sure to leave plenty of wiggle room, of course, explaining the team would study game film before settling on a final decision . When Gruden took part in his weekly interview with CSN Washington on Monday, it became even more apparent that Griffin's name in the starting lineup has been etched in very light pencil. Chick Hernandez asked Gruden how much time Griffin has to get comfortable. The quarterback has played poorly in the two games that have followed Washington's bye. "Well, we want to beat Indianapolis," Gruden replied, via The Washington Post . "We want to win every game. And I have to put the people in there who (are) gonna help us win those games. And we're gonna seriously go down and look at this film, look at last week's film, look at Minnesota's film, look at Houston's film, and try to put a plan together that will help him succeed. Or we'll have to find out if somebody else is there that can help us beat Indianapolis instead." Hernandez again asked Gruden if a quarterback change could happen. "At this time, right now, Robert's my guy, right now." Translation: Robert Griffin III , one-time franchise savior, is staring down the barrel of his second late-season benching in as many years. And can you blame Gruden? He's inherited a quarterback who appears completely lost, both mentally and physically. Colt McCoy proved more in one night than RGIII has all season. When the Redskins coaches gather to make their final decision, it will be hard to ignore that truth. The latest Around The NFL Podcast recaps every Sunday game from Week 12 and discusses Ryan Tannehill 's progression. Find more Around The NFL content on NFL NOW .

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