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Clinton A Lewis Jr

United States of America
Member since: Apr 2, 2013
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Clinton A. Lewis Jr. was born to achieve great things...as he would strive to help others do the same. He is a former law enforcement officer, criminal investigator, & military combat veteran.

Mr. Lewis is originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, and began investing in Real Estate while residing in the State of Texas. After experiencing health issues, he became disabled retired and decided to take a more "laid back" approach to life by working as an Internet Marketer. In doing so, he was able to utilize his investment knowledge and people skills to assist those within the Online Industry niche.

He now lives in the beautiful City of Las Vegas, Nevada, and specializes in finding sound investment opportunities for others. Clinton is a team player and is always looking forward to taking upon new projects which benefit his future success, as well as that of others.