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Career Exploration Project


Published on December 1, 2014

Part I: Introduction There are many careers to choose from in this world. The career that I am interested in is computer engineering. It is a career where you use computer hardware and technology to make software and build computers. I have chosen to pursue this career mainly because I like computers, and using them. I am looking for in a career something that involves tasks that require math-related skills and one that has something to do with things that interest me. I am looking for these things in a career because then it will not be boring and I will have fun with it. Careers that are chosen can fit someone’s personality. The career that I chose fits my personality in many ways. One of them is that I am very good at math so this will be a fairly good career for me to pursue. Another is, I am a technology nerd so I like all the latest technology and electronics we have. There are different skills that you would need to get a career in this field. Good math skills are one of them because of all the different parts in the computer and the measurements and specific data that require math. The basic knowledge of computers is also needed, because you need to know how to use computers going into the career. There are different strengths and weaknesses I have that relate to this career. One of the strengths I have is being good at math. Another is having a lot of experience with computer software parts and construction. One of the weaknesses I have is that I am not very familiar with creating different computer parts or software. My long-term career goals would have to be getting a job in this career for the rest of my life. Another is being able to make enough money to support myself. Another would have to be to enhance my computer skills and abilities.