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   The Big Jump  By Cole  There once was a young boy named John. He had very brown hair. He lived in a massive mansion! John liked to call it “Big Manor” because of it’s massive size. John’s family lived in the “Big Manor” house for over 80 years. The house was used as military headquarters in World War 2, so it was a very special house. John loved to learn about World War 2. He had travelled almost everywhere where the American troops had been. He had travelled to Normandy, Japan, Germany, Italy, Russia, North Africa, Everywhere!! He also was a big baseball fan. His favorite baseball team was the New York Yankees. He had season tickets so he could see all their home games. Today was his birthday. He was turning 10 years old. His parents had arranged for him to go go dirtbike with his friends. He was so excited to go dirtbiking.

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