PSY 360 Week 5 DQ 4

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For more classes visit Watch the "Make Up Your Mind" video located in this week's Electronic Reserve Readings. Discuss the video. I once took a team-building exercise at work that I really enjoyed, and it revolved around decisions taken in order to solve a problem. There was a problem given, with several steps to solving the problem. You have to order the steps in priority of what is most important. It was interesting to see how the teams worked together, because people tend to identify different areas of priority. I thought you might like to give this a try. It's just a fun way to evaluate how we go about making decisions. You and a group of people (7 additional people) are stranded on a deserted, tropical island after a cruise ship excursion goes wrong. You had spent a wonderful day on the island up to that point, having a barbecue, swimming, and resting. You and the others took a walk to the far end of the island, fell asleep for a while,

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