1970s Decade Study

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cars were modified once again as environmental design rules were enforced which increased fuel efficiency and limited pollution levels. Sport Australia is considered to be a very sporty country. Our nation has a fairly small population but still performs very well internationally at events such as the Olympic Games, FIFA world cup and more. Australia achieved several outstanding sporting results throughout the 1970s.The Australian netball team won the World Championships three times in the 1970s. The Australian swimming team also brought home eight gold medals from the 1972 Munich Olympics. The Munich Olympics was the sight of the most infamous attack in Olympic history. Eleven Israeli Olympians and a German police officer were taken hostage and killed, during the 1972 summer Olympics. The terrorist group that did this were known as “Black September”, a Palestinian terrorist group. Five of the eight terrorists were then killed by police officers during an unsuccessful search and rescue mission. They captured the three survivors, who West Germany later released following a Lufthansa airliner hijacking. Later on there was a major sporting decline in Australia because of Australia’s isolation from the rest of the world. Australia is so far from other countries that it becomes expensive and difficult for Australian athletes to compete overseas. Equipment and travel expenses were also very expensive not to mention the entry fee that athletes would have to pay each time they entered in a new event. Most of these expenses would have to have been paid by the athlete which could mean that most talented sport stars would have to terminate their dream of becoming an athlete due to these high expenses. Fashion In the 1970s fashion was labelled as “daring, care free and diverse”. The fashion was very broad for women as there were long skirts and also extremely short skirts. Some had bright colours with special different types of patterns while others where plain and simple. Men however loved to wear tight “hippie” styles of clothing. The “hippie” clothing of the late 1960’s continued up until the 1970’s. However Many young people had become dissatisfied and did not want to follow this hippie trend. Clothing styles and trends were introduced and inspired by non- western cultures, such as Indian’s and African’s. Tie dyed clothing and natural fabrics were also very fashionable and popular in the mid 1970’s. Many people did not buy their clothes but instea d handcrafted their own clothing and accessories by adding beads and fringes. For women in the 1970’s f ashion varied and was updated frequently, but always liked to shock whether it was towering platform shoes, huge bell-bottom flares, or tight, shiny, disco-inspired hot pants. Fashion trends like miniskirts, bell bottoms and long hair carried over from the 1960s,