Money Stress - how it impacts your health

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Stress is something that we have to live with. It’s a part of life and it can be helpful. When you experience danger, for example, your body releases hormones and creates a chemical response that gives you the ability to fight for your life or run like heck. Unfortunately, many people experience stress on a chronic basis. When this happens, these stress hormones constantly flood your system and over time they wreak havoc. They can cause inflammation, high blood pressure, obesity, cancer and much more. Chronic stress can destroy your health. One of the biggest causes of chronic stress is money. The vast majority of people worry about their financial situation on a daily basis. It makes them sick to their stomach to think about how they’re going to pay f or their future. It causes headaches, arguments with loved ones, and chronic anxiety. Chronic financial stress can cause:  Depression  Digestive problems  Heart disease  Sleep problems  Weight gain  Memory and concentration difficulties Studies have shown that financial stress has a negative impact on families. People, including children, who live in an environment where there is financial stress tend to be less healthy than those with less financial stress. There is a direct correlation between financial stress and physical wellbeing. As more people struggle with debt and the cost of living continues to rise as incomes stagnate and people lose jobs, it’s not surprising to also learn that financial stress is causing more problems for people across the country and around the world. There Are Solutions – There Is a Way to Overcome Money Stress There are simple and proven steps that you can take to overcome financial stress. It’s usually a planned approach of reducing expenses, shifting your mindset, and finding ways to earn a little more income. It’s about empowering yourself to learn more about where your money goes and how you can leverage it. You can also gain some control over your money stress by learning to better manage stress. There’s no single sec ret solution but rather several steps to take to overcome money stress and feel better about your financial situation. Let’s take a look at how to feel more in control over your money and how to start taking positive steps toward healing your financial situation.

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