English Project-Hdd

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Mr. PiggerMcsplither, or Mr. Pigger, woke up to the sweet smell of bacon, don’t worry it’s a joke. Mr. Pigger woke up to his favorite meal, pancakes and eggs, just the way he liked it.Mr. Pigger looked at the clock. School started at 9:00 sharp, and it was 8:30- The bus came at 8:45! Mr. Pigger ran around the house getting ready for school. He had five minutes to get to the bus stop. He ran to his mother, who was eating her oatmeal, and gave her a hug. As Mr. Pigger started to run out the house, his mother gave him a confused look, and said, “Pigger, hunny, remember? I said I would take you to school, since it’s my day off.” Mr. Pigger, as frustrated as he was with himself for forgetting, sat down at the table and finished his breakfast. As his mother dropped him off, he stared in awe at his new school, “Mud Pot School For Pigs”. He walked in, ready to go to Kindergarten. Mr. Pigger found a blue cubby, which had the name “Mr. PiggerMc splinter printed on it. Mr. Pigger frowned at this, but decided to not even bug about it. He put his bag in his cubby, and sat down. A short, plump lady went to the front

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