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Desi Pano completed her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Connecticut with major in Finance in 2006 and has worked in top fortune companies. From a young age, Desi knew there was more to life then what meets the eye and searched for ways to expend her consciousness and self-healing abilities. Along the way she was introduced to different practices and worked with personal growth coaches, energy healers and transformational leaders, but she wasn’t making much progress in elevating her consciousness. In September 2011, Desi met Mahendra Trivedi. Mr. Trivedi has the unique ability to harness the energy from the universe and transmit it to living organisms or nonliving materials anywhere in the world. The energy performs intelligently and beneficially to the recipient’s unique needs, optimizing the recipient’s potential thus altering their behaviours and characteristics. This phenomenon is called the Trivedi Effect®. Desi was fascinated with Mr. Trivedi’s 4,000 scientific studies in human health, cancer, microbiology, genetics, livestock, agriculture, biotechnology and materials science and numerous testimonials on the Trivedi Effect®’s power to uplift every aspect of the human condition. After receiving her first Biofield Energy Healing Treatment/"Energy Transmission", Desi experiences a profound shift in consciousness and felt guided to join in the Trivedi Master Healer’s Program as one of the Trivedi Master Healers.