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Dillon Stane Behavior Plan

Dillon Stane

Published on December 1, 2014

In this classroom there are 30 students, and out of those students 16 are Caucasian, 9 are Hispanic, 2 are African American, 1 is Asian American, 1 is Native American, and 1 has 2 or more races. This is a sophomore level choice class. That makes the average age of the class around 16 years old. There are 16 girls and 14 boys in this class of 30. There are 3 students who are receiving special education services. 6 students are English language learners in various stages of the English learning process. 19 students are receiving free or reduced lunches. Around 10 students have at least one parent who dropped out of high school. My class room is set up in 3 rows that are equally spaced. There is enough room for me to reach each student, and enough room to comfortable stand between the rows. There are also multiple pathways around the room so if there is a jam in front of one desk I have a way to get to the other desks around it. I have two TV’s placed in the room one on each side of the whi te board. These will be used to show videos and power points. On the white board part of it is used for the learning target and this week’s agenda. The rest of the board is to work problems. I have 2 posters in my room. One of the posters is a periodic table, which is placed above the whiteboard in the center of the front wall. The other poster shows common formulas and constants that are used in Chemistry. The back of my room is a lab that cannot be changed due to pipes.