DIME Entertainment is the Southern cure-all for boredom, and a bold answer to the music lover’s prayer. DIME is a monthly print magazine based in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, covering entertainment, the arts, food, drink and culture across the Deep South. DIME shines a megawatt spotlight on the beautiful, the wild and the weird of the southern entertainment world.

Scrap what you’ve read about Mississippi.. the published stats and other downers. Our state is a rich one, not in currency but in culture. The true Deep South, and Mississippi in particular, is drenched with artistic talent thicker than our humidity, and personality bigger than our hairdos.

DIME is here to tell the colorful, loud and sometimes twisted and bruised stories behind what makes us laugh, cry, dance, sweat and and drool. We publish this intel the old-fashioned way, on real paper with real ink, and deliver it for your convenience to beloved local bars, music venues, coffee shops and other proper places to pass the time. Beginning in March, you can also read our issues cover to cover online.