00 ECS Connection -- Summer 2003

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mail”is no longer used in many parts of the world. Africa,Asia,and South America’s masses have to be reached through networks of accessible associate Emmaus centers .The new generation worldwide prefers to read and study from a computer screen than from a book,if they have access to one.So we have to think about putting Emmaus courses on DVD .Thirty courses in sixty different languages could be put on a DVD for the price of printing one hard copy course.And it would be much easier to get a DVD into sensitive countries, with our whole curriculum on one disc! Where even that is not possible, ECS Courses Online will be accessible by most anyone with a computer.Our plan is to start with one course in each of five major languages.Our new ECS website will direct you to these courses,also allowing to link to the information about the multiple ECS ministries,existing local web- sites worldwide,order forms,and much more.Our website will allow us to penetrate China elec- tronically ,a nation that has a fifth of the world’s population and no Emmaus work at present.Our new action committee is also investi- gating means of printing legally inside China with the dream of a huge network of Emmaus students. India represents another fifth of the world’s population, but speaks many languages.Our courses are in twelve languages presently and we have plans to translate and print 24 courses in each of these languages! With all this expected growth,organiza- tional restructuring of ECS Ministries is also envisioned so that regional coordinators can better serve our 150 wonderful Regional Directors who presently report directly to one International Director. Do you sense our excitement? Will you pray for ECS? Are you interested in getting involved somehow? Write for ideas.Might the Lord be directing you to give to one of our projects ,or support a student in a third-world country? You can be a vital part in this expanding ministry of getting “The Word to the World” through Emmaus courses. GSC— Continued from page 1 Hans Scheib and Rob Tyler David Dominguez and Gil Vargas

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