17 ECS Connection -- Spring 2008

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FROM THE DIRECTOR’S DESK W hile looking through the books on my bookshel, I came across one titled “Short Studies o Old Testament Heroes.” You will, no doubt, recognize some o the names that the book included—Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Gideon, Elijah, Daniel, Deborah, and many more. The book briefy covered the lie and exploits o each hero and helped the reader appreciate the character o each o these men and women as they served God in the time they lived. I hope you read “A Tale rom Texas” that describes the work o some modern-day heroes. Just as in the Bible, we know the names o some o them, but many others also serve without the public recognition o their names and service. Many people serve with ECS Ministries around the globe. Despite poor postal systems, they distribute courses to students, some traveling many miles by oot, boat, and even bicycle to deliver the courses. And even though they may be tired, they grade and comment on each exam so that it can be quickly returned to the waiting student. We have olks who regularly pray or our associates and directors by using the Worldwide Prayer Guide included in each edition o the ECS Connection. HEROES There are also people who give money to help pay or the development, printing, postal, and administrative costs that are required to keep the courses going out to students. To include all their names would require many issues o the ECS Connection—and many, I am sure, would preer to remain unknown, quietly serving their Lord. But to me, they are all heroes. They are all working to help people study the Bible and gain a greater understanding o its lie-changing message. Their names may not be recorded in a book titled “Short Studies o ECS Ministries Heroes,” but their names are in a book recorded in heaven—and one day we will be able to meet them and rejoice together as we see what the Lord has done through their aithul service. Thanks to all the heroes involved in taking he Word to the World! Rob Tyler, Director “T here are about 3,000 people mentioned by name in the Bible. O those 3,000, we only have enough inormation to evaluate the lives o about 100 o them. O those 100, only about one-third o them nished well. O those who ailed, most ailed in the last hal o their lives.” – H oward H endricks In this book, Karen Davis draws on her wealth o experience as a teacher o women’s Bible studies to provide helpul guidelines about how to thrive as you grow older. The Bible has a lot to say about the challenges and pitalls o this important time. Discover God’s purposes in the aging process and the unique opportunities available or believers in their later years. Now available or only $12.95. Order your copy today by calling 1-888-338-7809 or going online at www. ecsministries.org . At the ECS website you can also preview the rst two chapters. (224 pages, $12.95) Growing Older, Growing Wiser  ECS CONNECTION

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