20 ECS Connection -- Winter 2008

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 ECS CONNECTION FROM THE DIRECTOR’S DESK M y wie, Sue, and I have just returned rom a trip to England where we attended the U.K. Emmaus Bible School Conerence and visited with our remaining siblings (in case you didn’t know, we originally hail rom England). O the many experiences we had, let me tell you about three o them. On a rainy Saturday, while on a walking tour o the city o Derby, we came upon a church that bore all the magnicent architectural details o a typical old English church: rugged stone oundation, high steeple, and stained-glass windows. But as we drew closer, the notice board outside the gate declared it to now be a Chinese restaurant! What a disappointment; no chance or spiritual ood here! We then spotted another church o similar age and character. This one still unctions as a church, but has opened its doors to sell tea and baked goodies in an eort to draw in people shopping along the streets around it. We went in and observed that they had erected banners on the pillars o the 7 “I am” statements ound John’s gospel. The church warden and his wie greeted us warmly, but in our conversation with them, they mostly wanted to talk about their recent fower estival. And when we hinted at spiritual topics, they Spiritual Food Served Here? didn’t pursue any meaningul discussion. Again, we were disappointed—but maybe the silent message in the banners has ed some soul who has entered there hungering or more than a piece o homemade ruit cake. Then there was the conerence. Here were over 60 people enthusiastic about getting others to study God’s Word with the help o our Bible correspondence courses. These were people interested in and involved in a ministry to help people grow spiritually, and who had come eager to be ed themselves rom the ministry o John McQuoid. No one let disappointed; rather, there was much satisaction or our souls and spirits in the midst o a country—our own homeland—that has turned its back on God. Thanks or being an important part o the work o ECS Ministries and o our eorts to helping people eed on the Word o God as we take the Word to the World. Rob Tyler, Director NOW is the time to register or the Bible Book Challenge o 2009. Gather your church group together, select a coordinator, and plan to study with Christians rom near and ar using the ECS study course The Letter to the Ephesians . Participants will be gathering at the starting line on January 4 or the 19-week event. Sign-up now, and we’ll see you at the starting line. u Each local church (team) must have a coordinator (coach) and at least fve participants. u Cost per participant is only $5.20 u For complete race rules, schedule, and award details, visit www.ecsministries.org . Run the race to win & equip yoursel or lie. REGISTER TODAY!

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