31 ECS Connection -- Fall 2011

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2 ECS CONNECTION The Board Buck STopS here Tis past May we held one o our semi-annual board meetings. Tese meetings have a certain rhythm to them, and it’s in the spring meet- ing that we elect ocers and board members. All o these appointments are taken seriously as each member impacts the ministry in some way— but there is no doubt that the oce o chairman carries signifcant responsibility. Tis spring, Evan Davis, who has been our chairman since ECS Ministries was ormed as a ministry independent o Emmaus Bible College in July 2002, stepped down rom his leadership role. Te new chairman is erry Wilson, who ormally took on this responsibility July 1, 2011. I would like to publicly thank Evan or his leadership in helping ECS establish itsel as a stand-alone organization. Evan, your wise and godly counsel, your God-given discernment, and your bonhomie have made ECS Ministries’ board meetings not only productive, but enjoyable (no small eat!). May God reward you in that coming Day or your contribution to His work in this corner o His mission feld. I you, our ECS Connection readers, are not amiliar with erry Wilson, let me introduce him to you. erry lived or many years in northern Caliornia and had a career in the printing and publishing industry. Within the past year erry and his wie Shirley have moved across country to New York, where he is now the Administrator at Camp Li-Lo-Li. erry’s grandather was . E. Wilson, the veteran missionary to Arica. I am very much looking orward to working alongside erry in his role as our board chairman. Please pray or erry and the rest o the board as they lead the ministry. Tanks or praying or us and or your fnancial support. You are all an important part o the team that is taking Te Word to the World. By The Way... Rob Tyler, Director thIs mINIstrY caNNOt be DONe WIthOUt YOUr helP aND PartNershIP. Even though prisoners are locked up behind concrete walls and iron bars, they can be reached with the gospel! o impact the lives o inmates, you can Gather — together with others to pray or the prison ministry. Give — fnancially to pay or prisoners to receive ree Bible courses. Go — visit incarcerated prisoners and disciple them one-on-one. Grade — completed study courses and answer prisoner’s questions. caN I DO sO What “ “ ?

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