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this man was, it was a coast guard grabbing me and moments later throwing me into lifeboat 13. Not realizing all the cries. I was looking around cautiously and spotted my son in lifeboat 11 in a woman's arms. Standing up and waving my arms in the air hoping that I get his attention. I shouted, Phillip, Phillip, Phillip, filly, thinking about the last words I said, regretting I ever stepped foot on this beautiful ship. But there was no sign or shout back. I was so scared and scared at the moment that I couldn't move a muscle. There was a man next to me saying “how god, just how did I lose my precious family? Not knowing who he was I grabbed his hand and introduced myself. Hello, Im leah and I’m 18 years old. I lost my son too he was 2 years old with tears in my eyes. I grabbed his other hand and we prayed for everybody that lost their life to hoping they get healed. Dear lord, hear our prayer, we pray for all those folks who lost children, wives, husbands, and even their life's. And can you help me, and my friend Richard's family. And pray that they're all ok. Amen. Soon after that night we got to shore. I apologized saying so sorry, good luck to you my friend. He responded in a cheerful voice good luck to you mame. Remembering the first squeak of the boat, and then in a flash all the water poured in and sinking this "unsinkable ship" and hearing all the cries for help knowing that they're too far down in the boat to survive.

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