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Committee: Historical Security Council Topic: Vietnam war Delegation: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Delegate: Fernando José López Fernández Good morning fellow delegates and honorable chair, the delegation of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland thanks the invitation and is very pleased to be here in this committee discussing such a controversial issue, which is the Vietnam War. The Vietnam war was a very large armed conflict between South Vietnam supported by United States and other anti-communist allies against North Vietnam supported by China, the Soviet Union and other allies. It happened inside the nations of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia between 1945 and 1975. The United Kingdom supports the United States of America in every decision it took. United Kingdom did n’t send troops to Vietnam. Still, it was completely in favor about every decision took by the United States and it agree with everything it made. On the other hand, the United Nations made everyone respect Cambodia´s neutrality by sending troops, also the United Nations made everyone respect the laws of the affected countries which was a respectable action and the best viable solution during that moment. The international community needs to find the best possible solutions in order to avoid further conflicts for these nations itself and for nearby countries. That is why United Kingdom´s plan of action is the following:  The creation of health service´s centers for soldiers in Vietnam, Cambodia, and other countries affected by this issue.  An international agreement between countries that allows peaceful benefits for opposing forces and for Vietnam.  Blue helmets intervention in Vietnam with the purpose of controlling countrie´s laws and regulations.  Implementation of peaceful organizations that provides a lot of services and protection of human rights. The United Kingdom is willing to find the best possible solutions for the country of Vietnam and for the International Community. For your attention, thank you. References: Comentario [A1]: It would be better to replace “it” with “this delegation” or “the delegati Comentario [A2]: It is unclear what you are talking about here. Comentario [A3]: It would be ebtter to say: “The delegation of the United Kingdom suggests the following resolutions:” Comentario [A4]: You need at least 3 references to show where you got your information from.

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