December 2014

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The Diary of a Nobody A Novel By Gaylon Kent This is a work of fiction. All elements are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Monday December 1 The basketball ref meeting at the local high school last night was not particularly well attended…We had about eight (8) people there, tho there were a couple of games going, which helped keep attendance down…Chris, the instructional guy, wasn’t there and that’s never good, so Elvis did some instructing, something he does not have a knack for…He read from a sheet on three-person crew techniques and supplemented that with some illegible drawings on a white board which was actually kinda funny because one time he drew the court the free throw lane ended up bearing a striking resemblance to the male sex organ….I was the one who actually pointed this out, poking Todd, who was sitting next to me, and giggling like a fifth grader…Todd laughed and it turns out I was overheard and soon most of us were giggling like kids.